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Become a Member

We are always looking for doulas to join our association! Benefits of joining the Central Iowa Doula Association include:

  • Quarterly in-person meetings, often with speakers and topics related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Additional in-person meetings to socialize with other doulas and brainstorm ways to grow your business and your skills as a doula

  • Online support via private member group 

  • Opportunities to attend community events and share the benefits of adding a doula to the birth and/or postpartum team

  • A listing on our website where prospective clients can find you

  • Sharing your events and bio on our public social media pages

To become a member of the Central Iowa Doula Association ​you must:

  • Be a certified or certifying birth or postpartum doula

  • Submit a copy of your training certificate

  • Agree to our confidentiality and ethics requirements

  • Pay $40 in yearly dues

  • Attend one of our in-person meetings or meet privately with a board member

If you are interested in joining the Central Iowa Doula Association, please submit the form below or email us at

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