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We are always looking for doulas to join our association! Benefits of joining the Central Iowa Doula Association include:

  • Quarterly in-person meetings, often with speakers and topics related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Additional in-person meetings to socialize with other doulas and brainstorm ways to grow your business and your skills as a doula

  • Online support via private member group 

  • Opportunities to attend community events and share the benefits of adding a doula to the birth and/or postpartum team

  • A listing on our website where prospective clients can find you

  • Sharing your events and bio on our public social media pages

To become a member of the Central Iowa Doula Association ​you must:

  • Be a certified or certifying birth or postpartum doula

  • Submit a copy of your training certificate

  • Agree to our confidentiality and ethics requirements

  • Pay $40 in yearly dues

  • Attend one of our in-person meetings or meet privately with a board member

If you are interested in joining the Central Iowa Doula Association, please submit the form below or email us at

Central Iowa Doula Association

Des Moines, Iowa 50317


Tel: 515-210-0066

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